Driving Lessons

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We need more course like this says Belvedere SOM an automatic driving school in Burnley
Drink driving is a problem, and the stigma needs to become stronger!

Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course

Why Do Our Course?

You will have up to 25% off your driving ban.Insurance costs may be cheaper, usually saving the course fee.
You will be better informed about alcohol and be reminded of key driving skills.
It will give you a chance to meet others who have had a similar experience.
Attending our course has been shown to significantly reduce re-offending.

What Is The Course Like?

Every course is 18 hours in total, generally run over 3 sessions weekdays or weekends. All sessions have to be completed on time and in the correct order. There are a maximum of 15 places per course. The course is educational and there is no final test. Course content is interesting and varied with discussions, quizzes and videos. We explore all the issues surrounding drinking and driving, with the emphasis throughout on sensible drinking and the effects of alcohol on the body.

What You Need To Do

Accept the referral to a course when in court – this does not compel you to do the course – but gives you the option.Attend all sessions punctually and participate fully. Book the course well before the completion date the court gives you. Pay the fees on booking by cheque or credit card – by post or over the telephone. (No refunds are given if you book a course and do not attend, or if you fail to abide by the course requirements.)

What Drivewise Will Do

Write to you when we have the court order, with all the details you need.
Provide an interesting course with well-trained and experienced up-to-date lecturers.
Ensure a friendly and non-judgemental atmosphere.
Give you the information you need to get back on the road after the reduction in your ban.