Drink drivers continue to place themselves, their families and other road users at risk by their actions. In addition, conviction for these offences may adversely affect future opportunities and employment. Society remains concerned about the consequences of alcohol related driving offences. This website is an homage to past and current charities and agencies who support driver rehab.

Drivewise Keston is the successor to a group of companies that have been providing high quality drink drive rehabilitation courses to the public since 1993. We are a Department for Transport Approved Provider and take referrals from a number of courts. Courses operate in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Greater London. If you are taking driving lessons in Carlisle then your learning to drive training will include important elements of this vocation.

If you are convicted of a drink drive related offence, the court may offer you the opportunity to attend one of our Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses. The offer of the course is always at the discretion of the court and will take account of all the circumstances of your particular case.

The course is not compulsory but those clients who successfully complete the course will receive a reduction in the length of their ban of up to 25%. Driving Lessons in Colchester specialist Driving Dreams said that is a great idea.

We realise that being convicted of this type offence may be traumatic and may cause concern. We provide a comprehensive course which is friendly, informal, fun and interesting, which will increase your knowledge and awareness of drink drive issues and will explore future consequences and how to deal with them.

Independent research has shown that Drink Drive Rehabilitation courses reduce re-offending. However, even a small amount of alcohol can impair your driving ability and the only safe answer is not to drink and drive. Belvedere Som an automatic driving school in Burnley echoed these thoughts.

We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses.